Costs of GPIDEA programs

GPIDEAStudents who enroll in a Great Plains IDEA program pay one common tuition rate regardless of what university is teaching the course(s) they are taking. Great Plains IDEA tuition is all-inclusive with no additional fees.


2020-2021 $420 per credit $590 per credit
2021-2022 $420 per credit $590 per credit

There is more information about GPIDEA tuition on the Great Plains IDEA website.


Outside of the GPIDEA tuition rate set by the alliance, Iowa State GPIDEA students can anticipate some small additional costs:

Financial aid

The Office of Student Financial Aid provides information on grants*, loans, scholarships, and more.
*Grants only available for undergraduate students.

ISU scholarships lets you search  by category, entering a custom search, or viewing all.

The Student Loan Education Office provides you with a variety of resources to help improve your financial literacy and develop daily money management skills.